Pathogen Death Wand




The PDWand light is a two-edged dagger for pathogen microbe reduction – it strengthens the plant and destroys the pathogen microbes at the same time.

Grow the healthiest, strongest, safest Cannabis and raise crop yields by accelerating plant growth and diminishing plant disease. The PDWand eliminates Powdery Mildew and Grey Mold pathogens (+ many more) from a grow facility organically with No harmful toxins. Pass state required quality testing. No expensive pesticides with Pathogen Death Wand’s cost-effective system that continuously destroys bacteria and fungus for pennies a day.


PDe³ is Our Proven, Patented “LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE”

It is the Safe and Natural Solution for Greater Cannabis Safety/Superior Health Security

  • PDe³ Prevents Pathogen Infection and Cures Infected Cannabis
  • Organically Destroys Fungi and Bacteria
  • Harmless to Terpene and Cannabinoid Levels
  • Non-visible PDe³ Light Safe for Use from Seed 2 Sale
  • Has No Residues or Toxins To Leave Behind
  • 5 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Grow the Healthiest Plants, Maximize Your Crop Potential

Stop using fungicides and pesticides when growing cannabis. When the Pathogen Death Wand is utilized from Seed 2 Sale (mother, clone, grow and cure rooms), they will reduce the majority of harmful pathogens and completely eliminate a dependency on expensive chemicals to fix the room issues and or plant problems.

Our high-value science provides safe, positive outcomes and solutions for you to:

  • continuously destroy pathogens like (Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Aspergillus-Fumigatus, E. Coli, MRSA, Listeria, Candida-Albicans, Streptococcus Pneumonia) just to name a few.
  • protect your brands and investments
  • better safeguard your facilities and employees health
  • improve the safety of your products
  • increasing crop yields by accelerating plant growth and diminishing plant disease

Pathogen Death Wand – MSRP – $799

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Product / Application

What is the Pathogen Death Wand?

The Technology:

The PDW strip utilizes the patent and patent pending PDe³ technology, a light spectrum formula that is beneficial for plants and deadly for pathogens. This patented mix of natural wavelength light frequencies delivers extra life to plants while destroying harmful pathogens. By eliminating the use of artificial and synthetic chemicals, the plant can absorb more nutrients. 

No product can kill pathogens completely, but when the PDW light strip is properly installed and adjusted through the plant’s growth cycle, it eliminates the dangerous cells faster than they can reproduce. The technology has no negative effect on cannabinoids, terpenes, or potency. PDe³ does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of cellular molecules into ions) and does not produce free radicals due to low energy of photons.


The light strip is designed to compliment your grow lights and work synergistically within your existing grow operation. We recognize each grow operation is unique so we want to work with your team to design the best combination of the number of strips and the installation configuration needed to create optimal performance. It’s most beneficial to provide protection in the vegetation and flowering stages, but PDW strips are most effective when used in every stage, from clone to cure.

Simply put, if the light emitting from the PDW strip can reach the plant, it will destroy the pathogens. Each PDW strip is designed to cover an approximately 8 sq ft area and protect four to six plants. The strip comes equipped with a hanging mechanism, enabling you to easily tailor the recommended hanging height of 18 to 22 inches to your specific coverage needs.

The Specs:

    • Light Source – 162 LED emitters
    • Input Voltage 120-277VAC
    • Frequency Range 50~60Hz
    • PDe³ Radiant Energy 4,870mW
    • Power Consumption 22W
    • Amperage Draw @ 110V – 0.2 A
    • Lifespan >50,000 Hrs
    • Light Beam Angle 120 Degree
    • Body Lens Glass
    • Driver Output 700mA, Constant Current, 25W Max
    • Body Case Material Powder coated aluminum extrusion
    • IP Rating IP65
    • Dimensions 1.3” H X 1.2” W X 46” L
    • Weight 3.0 Lbs
    • Green LED indicates PDWand is operating
    • Mounting Type Direct
    • Warranty 5 Years on PDWand and Driver
    • Driver Class UL Listed Low Voltage Class 2
    • Optimal Distance Over Canopy 12” to 24”

Pathogen Death Wand – MSRP – $799

To Order : Please Contact

Ryan Bennett                  303 999-9834        


PDe³ is a proven, patented and patent pending LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE technology, that delivers Greater Medical/Recreational Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security.

PDe³ Our patented technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans and animals; it is based on pure energy being delivered to plants. PDe³ employs only safe sunlight components in our proprietary technologies. PDe³ does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of cellular molecules into ions) due to low energy of photons. PDe³ utilizes part of the range of electromagnetic rays that are (a) important for our well-being and (b) necessary for metabolism and growth of plants, humans and animals. PDe³ resembles elements of sunlight minus the skin damaging UV rays, which is why NASA currently uses this type of safe energy in space. It is also vibration energy, with which the human body resonates.

The Pathogen Death Wand is utilizing proprietary and specific LED lighting technologies as our delivery vehicle for PDe³technology. Cannabis plants fully utilize the PDWand’s beneficial light wave frequencies. The PDWand delivers PDe³ combinations of wavelengths of light at different intensities to (1) promote the natural enhancement of the photosynthesis cycle and life sustaining processes within the plant, keeping their natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and (2) rapidly destroys and continually eliminates many species of fungi and bacteria affecting the plants. Grow the Healthiest and Strongest Cannabis!!!


How does the PDWand with PDe³ Technology work?

The interesting nature of the PDe³ natural components found in sunlight are that they work in tandem in two distinctly different ways to make cannabis safer.

Action One: our light formulas stimulate the photosynthesis receptors of the plant to keep it living longer after harvest. Because the plant is now ‘thinking’ it is alive, it can maintain its natural process, maintain its natural defenses against microbe attack and keeping their natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids – a huge benefit for growers and patients.

Action Two: This is even more dramatic. The same PDWand-PDe³ technology that extends the life of the plant post-harvest, stops the functioning of bacteria and limits the growth of fungi. Bacteria like Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, E Coli, Salmonella and Listeria are eliminated because they can no longer absorb iron, the food they need to live. In just a few minutes, more than 99% become dysfunctional and start to die.

PDWand-PDe³ wavelengths cause alterations in the plasma membranes of prokaryotic pathogens and the mitochondrial membranes (the cell’s “powerhouse”) of eukaryotic pathogens, causing their death. Pathogen Death Wand understands how these microbes differ when it comes to (a) what power is needed and (b) what exposure time is necessary to best destroy them.

Pathogen Death Wand – MSRP – $799

To Order : Please Contact

Ryan Bennett                  303 999-9834        


Hello world!

The Pathogen Death Wand is an incredible use of science and technology that delivers  PDe³- Light Energy,  that is safe and beneficial for plants, humans and animals, while it is deadly for harmful pathogens. The PDWand delivers healthful PDe³ – Light Energy that provides greater Cannabis and Food Safety and for greater Health Security.

Support/Contact Us

The Pathogen Death Wand team is here to help you. We have decades of experience in all botanical and biological sciences. Our science team leader is a world renowned Ph.D. in plant physiology. Our patent attorney has a Ph.D. in biology/photosynthesis. We have contractually partnered with leading laboratories in this industry to conduct ongoing testing of additional ways to improve your crop yields and product safety.

All Pathogen Death Wand products come with a 5 year written warranty.

Let our sales and support team show you why our science devices make plants cleaner and healthier by destroying Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and other fungi and most bacteria in a relatively short period of time. We know that in a matter of hours, entire cannabis crops can became free from these pathogens.

If needed, we have an experienced staff of knowledgeable technicians who specialize in retrofitting existing grow lighting in this grow environment. We understand the importance of executing projects with minimal disruptions to your business and customers. We’re educated on the latest technologies and we will evaluate your requirements and customize solutions to maximize your results.

Because our team members manage the install of the products sold, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that our team will be fully accountable to ensure the installation or the retrofit project goes smoothly, that any issues are addressed quickly and that you ultimately enjoy the desired results. When your installation is complete, we offer ongoing support for our installed products.

Contact Us:

We operate out of Colorado but our sales network operates throughout the country. We typically respond between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MST.

Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to chat about how we can help improve your ability to destroy PM and many other pathogens, by offering a cleaner, more cost effective, organic, Light Energy solution.

Additional Product Applications:

Grocery, Food Service, Floral, Work Place, Hospitality, School, Recreation, Commercial Growers

Pathogen Death Wand – MSRP – $799

To Order : Please Contact

Ryan Bennett                  303 999-9834